Peterculter Parish Church

North Deeside Road, Peterculter, Aberdeen

01224 735845
01224 735041

Peterculter Parish Church

North Deeside Road, Peterculter, Aberdeen

01224 735845
01224 735041

Donations for Ukraine

Rev. Duncan Eddie (Convener of the Presbytery of Aberdeen & Shetland Church, Society and International Relationship Committee) has shared the following information for all who are moved to assist with supporting this cause.

There are several different options to consider and act upon.
  1. Donate requested items as on the attached list for Ukrainian people moving to Aberdeen (see 1 below, Donations Request)
  2. Offer voluntary assistance in preparing, cleaning and furnishing of flats to make ready for the arrival of folks (see 2 below, Property Volunteers)
  3. Give financially in support of the Hungarian Reformed Church as it offers support to people inside Ukraine and also those who have had to leave their country. Give to Christian Aid (DEC) and charities offering assistance
  4. Offer to provide accommodation for Ukrainian refugees
  5. Pray for the Ukrainian people, the surrounding nations, the efforts to bring assistance

Different options will be possible for different people to participate in. Collectively, as we choose to respond in a way that we can do, we can be instruments of blessing, compassion and peace. We will be faithfully following the commission of Jesus as in Matthew 25: 35 – 36

35 For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, 36 I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’

The Ukraine Support Updates page can also be found the Church of Scotland web site at

Donations Request

Aberdeen city is shortly expecting the arrival of  Ukrainian families. Refugee support officers and community volunteers are working hard to get properties looking homely and welcoming.

We are currently furnishing properties, and attached below are lists of specific items that we know from previous experience of resettlement are what families will need.

If you can help out please contact a member of the Community Learning & Development Team during working hours, Monday – Friday on 01224 291874 . Outwith these hours there will be the facility to leave a message and someone from the Team will get back to you.

Alternatively you can get in touch via email to

All donations will be very welcome and gratefully received. However to ensure we meet current safety regulations, we are asking for new electrical goods and new /nearly new other items.

We have storage space and will arrange a suitable drop-off appointment with you. This is to maximise staff time and volunteer resources and due to the extremely tight timeframes and sensitive nature of this situation.

There may be a further donations requests for clothing, etc  once further details about what the families actually require are known.

Donation list


Item No Per tenancy Total for 20 properties Comment



1 20 Must comply with health and safety standard – new



1 20 Must comply with health and safety standard – new



2 40 Must comply with health and safety standard – new

European converter plugs


2 40 Must comply with health and safety standard – new
TV 1 20

– Must comply with health and safety standard – new

– TV license guidance will be provided to families through support

Tea towels 3 60  
Kitchen Bin 1 20  
Clothes horse 1 20 For drying
Large pot 1 20  
Cushions 4 80  
Blankets 2 40  
Rug 1 20  
Vase 1 20  
Photo frames 2 40  


(Based on two or three children per household)




Simple, clean toys with no small parts that span age ranges


·       Teddy

·       Doll

·       Toy cars

·       Ball

·       Skipping rope

·       Drawing supplies



Cleaning product list
  1. Mop and bucket
  2. Bleach
  3. Rubber Gloves
  4. Tea towels
  5. Window and glass cleaner
  6. Kitchen towel/paper
  7. Scouring Sponge
  8. Toilet cleaner
  9. Bathroom cleaner
  10. All-purpose cleaner
  11. Dusters
  12. Washing up liquid
  13. Laundry detergent
  14. Liquid fabric softener
  15. Oven gloves
  16. Floor liquid cleaner


Property Volunteers

The city of Aberdeen plans to welcome families from the Ukraine as part of the national sponsor scheme, Homes for Ukraine.  Some families will be welcomed into private accommodation with host families but for others they will be offered tenancies to settle into.

Aberdeen City Council (ACC) have chosen to provide properties that are available to us due to lack of demand from the current residents of Aberdeen, this  will be 2-bedroom, flatted accommodation. To mirror what is available to current residents of Aberdeen, ACC will furnish properties to a basic functional standard, as seen in temporary accommodation.

In the past volunteers and organisations have provided donations for resettled families to take properties from a functional standard to a place that feels homely and safe.  We are asking Volunteers to take the next step with us, in helping prepare tenancies for the arriving families.

This Volunteer role could include:

  • Light cleaning duties
  • Unpacking kitchen utensils and goods (white goods are professionally fitted)
  • Unpacking food parcels
  • Unpacking toiletries and cleaning goods
  • Making beds
  • Positioning donated toys to welcome children.
  • Setting up lamps, toasters, and other electrical donations
  • Laying rugs (many properties have been or are carpeted though)

These properties will be families’ homes, who have the right to rest, have privacy and feel safe. All volunteers would be expected to support this in keeping tenancy details private and not visiting properties after they are occupied.  There will be further opportunities to volunteer and welcome new arrivals to our community in a planned and supported way.

Thank you for your support at this difficult time for these families.